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Nautica Workflow is a work flow system of the Java base composed of "API of 50 or more in accordance with the WfMC work flow reference model", "Work flow engine including the coordinated function between systems cooperating between engines", "Communication interface that supports RMI, SOAP, and HTTP, etc.", and "XPDL definition tool and administration tool of the GUI base". This project develops under the support of the 2004 Open Source Software Use Infrastructure Business(Japanese) that Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA) promotes.

Please see Report(Japanese) about the background and the purpose etc. of this project. Moreover, please refer to Documents(Japanese) for technical details.

What's new

2004-12-01 The Nautica project was started.
2005-09-14 Nautica 0.9 is released.

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The following six functions were developed in this project this time.

(1) Workflow engine

The completion of the activity and the process is managed based on information obtained through work flow definition file and various API, and the progress of flow is controlled according to the process variable and the transition condition. Moreover, API for cooperation with an external system is offered, and the execution of the application is managed.

(2) Workflow APIs

API that work flow engine offers. API of 50 or more was mounted in accordance with the WfMC.

(3) XPDL design tool

Tool that defines work flow by GUI. In the element that composes the definition, there are an application, a process variable, a work flow participant, a process, an activity, and a transition, and these definition work can be done in the sight by using the mouse. After verifies definition, you can save the result by the XPDL form.


# The work flow definition tool can be tried by using the Java Web Start HERE. It is necessary to install JRE1.4.2 or later in execution. Moreover, please refer to Documents(Japanese) for the operation method.

Fig.1 XPDL design tool
(4) Workflow administration Tool

Tool that manages execution situation of work flow by GUI. It connects with an arbitrary work flow engine under operation, and the monitor of the status of the activity, the edit of the process variable, and the revaluation of the transition condition.

Fig.2 Workflow administration Tool
(5) Communication interface

Protocol conversion interface assumed to be able to use various API from RMI, Web service, and Servlet.

(6) Sample application

Sample application to evaluate, and to verify function of Nautica. It is a small-scale program that imitates application and the approval application.

Fig.3 Sample app screenshot.


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Nautica Server Requirements
Hardware CPU: Pentium4 2.4GHz or later
MEM: 512MB or more
HDD: 40GB or more
ΉOS Redhat Enterprise Linux ES V.3
Java VM Sun JRE 1.4.x
Servlet engine Jakarta Tomcat 5.0
SOAP engine Apache Axis 1.2

Nautica Client Requirements
Hardware CPU: Pentium4 or later
MEM: 256MB or more
HDD: 10GB or more
OS Redhat Professional Workstation V.3
Windows XP Professional SP2
Java VM Sun JRE 1.4.x


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Workflow engine LGPL version 2.1 or later.
Tools GPL version 2 or later.
Supports The support license is being separately examined so that our TECHNICAL SUPPORT is needed. When details are decided, we will announce it on the homepage.


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Project: http://sourceforge.jp/projects/nautica/